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21Prado is an Upcoming Recording Artist from Birmingham, United Kingdom . His musical journey began as a young boy who had always been a fan of Music, whether it is HipHop/Rap , R&B/Soul or Afro/Dancehall. 21Prado uses all Genres of music to bring out his own unique style which involves both singing and Rapping with sounds of HipHop , Rap and also Afro beats and Dancehall. He has shown he is versatile so far as he is able to adapt to any instrumental and turn it into a style that suits him, with songs such as Chances, Doing The Most, Red Roses, Want Me and the latest release Sun Shine.

His presence was known after a release of his Music video on YouTube titled "Chances" which gained some attention and even got him selected to perform at Coast 2 Coast LIVE | London Edition December 2nd 2017.

As if that was not enough, 21Prado also gained some overseas exposure as Christopher corn; Station Operator at Push Play Radio 1. Colorado, United states affixed "Chances" to his Rap Playlist in the morning and the evening. 21Prado also had some radio plays on the Hot 92.net show with DJ Bigoss from his home town of Birmingham.

His hunger and strive to succeed has placed 21Prado among the top performers, with his consistency and independent hard work. His journey however continues as he looks forward to hitting the big stages and performing alongside the greatest.

Currently, he has released a latest single titled "Sun Shine" which is available for download and streaming on all platforms including Visuals on Youtube. The song incorporates sounds of Afro Pop and Dancehall to bring about smooth slow vibes. In the song 21Prado talks about someone he was with before things fell apart and he talks about wanting to get back together and he is willing to change his ways and be a better person to make things work. When asked in a interview with "MikeTheSizzler" about what girl he was referring to , he said no one in particular apart from "good girls" Check it out !

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Address Birmingham, United Kingdom,
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