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‘The Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise 2015’ — a voyage like no other. Not only was it an epic adventure from Miami to the Bahamas and back, drenched in beer and whiskey, sun, sea and many, many great bands, it was also the birth of an idea. The inspiration that ‘40 Shillings On The Drum’ frontman, lyricist, and spirit guzzler, Daniel Scully, had been searching for.

After gigging for several years in the indie-rock outfit ‘Left Hand Red’, followed by a dip in experimental waters with electronic-rock band ‘Give Her the Gun’, it was time for something new. The epiphany Scully had upon the seas of the Caribbean was much more aligned with his own musical loves. A genre he held dear had been tapping on his shoulder for a long while but either through blindness or ignorance, he had not acknowledged it. As the muffled hum of the latest band to take the stage echoed around the great ship, there was no more avoiding it. It became crystal clear that a folk-rock direction was the answer. A place where he could share his own stories, both personal and otherwise, in a way he had never before.

Scully returned to the wind and rain of Blighty, and amongst tall tales of drunken tomfoolery, set amidst a mutual love and respect between artists and fans, he pitched the direction to a close associate. With wide-eyes and open ears, long-term comrade and lightning-fingered guitarist, Steve ‘Rock Zeus’ Cobley, listened intently. Without hesitation, he agreed that the path they were about to take was the right one, and they set about hunting down new members to join their cause.

Like hound dogs on the scent trail, they were soon led to Seb Cole, a talented musician, producer and key tinkerer extraordinaire. The pair immediately hit it off with the pianist, and a strong bond amongst the three was quickly formed. Whilst folk-rock was the basis for what Scully wanted, the three agreed to push the genre in a new direction. Experimenting with the sound and incorporating, amongst others, veins of punk, metal, and classical, they developed a strong writing bond.
Finding other people with the same passion was a more difficult task. Temporary members came and went, no one quite fitting the bill or having the time to commit to the band. Remaining resilient against the perils of disappointment and frustration, their patience paid off in June 2017 with the double addition of Zeus’ brother, Dave ‘Chicken Legend’ Cobley on bass, and Matt ‘The Kid’ Hill taking up the position behind the kit.

Hailing from Brighton, England and armed to the teeth with an array of songs about life, love, friendship, and getting smashed out of your brain, they are ready to take on the world, one town at time.

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Date Friday 17 November 2017 at 20:00
Address Prince Albert, Trafalgar Street, Brighton, United Kingdom, BN1 4ED

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