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Sounds likefriendly fires, primal scream, tv on the radio, the smiths, new order

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After years of changing "Big Band" line-ups German band A FUTURISTIC AID now consist of just Andreas Becker (vox, git, programming) and Christian Schmuck (drums, controlling) and Kitty, the little computer that records and plays back a warehouse full of synths, drum machines and fx unit. The two humans in the band know each other from studying fine arts in the city of Karlsruhe and had been working on musical and artistical projects ever since.
In late 2018 this constellation released a full length album named GOLDEN HEAVY BODY that features 8 original compositions. Reflecting a wide range of influences from 70s Punk, 80s (Synth) Pop, 90s Indie and Grunge to more contemporary hip hop and electronic styles the band is creating its own idea of pop music. Among the songs ingredients are constructivist beats, arpeggiator lines, vocoder voices, assorted indie guitars, bass sequenzing and also some admiration of the bass guitar plus don`t forget the funky drummer. Unfortantely pop has become more and more a forbidden word in Germany in recent years and its global evolution is widely unnoticed over here. Which leads to strange situations when description of the band´s music is needed and all references just leave giant question marks.
Some of this lack of popular culture has also influence on the lyrics. Most of them had been written out of everyday situation wondering about mothers and daughters dressing up the same way, (missing) generational conflicts, strange invitations, popular misunderstandings ("What`s app Ricky"), the challenges of a life as an artist and in the title track the ambivalent relationship with the US.
A FUTURISTIC AID is currently writing new material, doing some remixes for other artist and trying to play gigs (which is kind of hard in Germany unless you´re a shitty Punk or Metal band). In August the band will curate an exhibition with the name of the album GOLDEN HEAVY BODY which will feature besides the live performance of the record paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by the band members and a group of international artist.

"I use my computer for everything, Heaven knows I´m miserable now" BODEGA 2018

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