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AARXN is a British born independent music producer from Suffolk in the UK. He had always been interested in music and decided to follow this passion at the age of 15, releasing basic demos onto Soundcloud. This is what started to shape AARXN's music to what it is today.

These self written and produced tracks catch the flair and individuality that AARXN can intertwine into his music. Using his laptop, and teaching himself how to use FL Studio and Logic. All thought up in AARXN's brain are catchy playful melodies with synths and a tonne of different concepts. A lot of AARXN's influence in 2017 came from Asbjørn, relating as they are both LGBTQ artists, this inspired AARXN's 2017 EP 'Boy In My Head'. This EP gives an insight to how he was feeling at the time, dealing with his sexuality and having crushes, yet feeling unwanted.

This feeling of not being wanted continued into AARXN's 2018 single 'Call Me Back', suggesting that he was getting ignored by someone he liked. After this single, 2018 was mostly a hiatus for AARXN, apart from a mixtape with unreleased songs and demo (Against The World), there was no actual NEW material. However, AARXN and his 2018 single, Call Me Back, got exposure to a more mainstream blog called CelebMix, who said: "Whilst AARXN is currently an unsigned producer, there is no doubt he works hard at his craft. However, this hasn’t stopped his craft from getting out there as back in 2017, he was included on BBC’s Music Introducing with the Art of Noise tribute, titled ‘Moments In Luv’.

It's no lie that AARXN can create a buzz around his music and create anticipation for new material. Through these years, this indepedent artist has started a fan base which is growing everyday thanks to his music and image. Who knows what the next few years could have in store, maybe an album? This artist is someone to watch, they could be big news in a few years because of his strong base of independently produced and released music, which could lead AARXN to getting signed. Who knows what will happen! We're all excited.

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