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The new album "Break Free" by Abiodun (from BANTU) aka DON ABI was released on the 26/10/2018: www.smarturl.it/break-free-2018.
Recently Abiodun released an afrobeat-rock song, called "Alarm Don Blow": www.smarturl.it/alarm-don-blow

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Abiodun is a veteran in the music industry and has contributed to more than 25 releases since the mid 1990s under the moniker "Don Abi". He is a traveller with a cosmopolitan consciousness and a universal message, that is as timeless as relevant. He has an uncompromising and powerful sound filled with passion and depth. He manouvers playfully through an individual and contemporary sound universe and his music fuses classical elements of soul, blues, funk and rock with Abiodun’s African roots.
The upcoming album "Break Free" (to be released in November 2018) is a natural progression of his musical artistry over the past two decades. It’s a retro-modern journey through Abiodun’s musical world.

The German-Nigerian singer and composer is one of the most interesting, international commuters of a new Urban Roots Movement contributing to the current music culture with diversity and vibrancy. Growing up in Europe and Africa he has been influenced by the best of both worlds. He is a co-founder of the Afro-German musical collective Brothers Keepers. Their song "Adriano, die letzte Warnung" (Adriano, the final warning) was released in 2001. It became an anti racism anthem selling well over 220,000 copies and making it to the Top 5 of the German pop charts. The sophomore album Am I my Brother’s Keeper? was released on Sony Music in 2005.

As a Solo-Act Abiodun has released under the name of Don Abi two cross-genre albums: Act of Love (V2 Records 2003) and No Philosophy (Toolhouse Recordings 2007). Check out the complete discography.

In addition to his solo career, Abiodun for many years collaborated with artists like Maceo Parker, UB40, Patrice, Xavier Naidoo, Gentleman, Keziah Jones, Gregory Isaacs and Burnt Friedman. In 2005 Abiodun played a key role on Bantu’s Album Fuji Satisfaction which won critical acclaim and the Kora Awards as Best Group West Africa and Best Group Africa.

On the album and at concerts Abiodun is supported by his four-piece band The Ajazcorock, consisting of experienced jazz and pop musicians.

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Abiodun is probably one of the artists you have already heard of, but probably do not know. He has been active under the moniker "Don Abi" collaborating with artists such as Gentleman, Xavier Naidoo, Patrice, Gregory Isaacs, Keziah Jones, Bantu and Maceo Parker since the mid-1990s. He gained fame in Germany as a member of the Afro-German collective Brothers Keepers which sold over 220,000 copies of their single "Adriano (the final warning)".

Abiodun’s new album "Break Free" is an authentic, handmade mix of global pop sounds. It fuses different musical genres like afrobeat, soul, funk and rock. It re-presents Abiodun as an artist, who is constantly expanding the dynamic global boundaries of his musical language and oeuvre without denying his identity.
It also marks Abiodun’s comeback to the concert halls and music industry.

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