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Sounds likeBert Jansch, Randy Newman, Paul Seibel, Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Wizz Jones, Iron & Wine...and none of these

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Music has led Alex Seel from Devon to London to Ireland and back to London again. Through his wanderings, Alex has picked up a beautifully crafted, warm, rootsy song-writing style with thought-provoking, subtle lyrics and a gift for acoustic guitar finger-picking. He has a growing reputation as a solo performer and will be touring in the end of March and in May 2019 (see www.alexseel.com/live for more info).

His next release is due out on the 22nd March - a double A-side single ‘Satellites/Grass Is Greener’ from the forthcoming album ‘Spell On A Tin Drum’ (Release: 17th May).

His distinctive guitar & vocal style remain familiar themes throughout this album, while songwriting & arrangements touch upon influences from Bert Jansch, Randy Newman and Paul Siebel to the more contemporary Iron & Wine. Written partly in a caravan on the west coast of Ireland and mostly recorded under a bed in London, the album has retained a raw emotional feel and with it gained new heights of songwriting within Seel’s unique repertoire.

His previous release ('Circles EP') was well received by press and radio (BBC6 and various BBC regional/local).

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Tom Robinson
“Great rootsy feel…with some lovely harmonic twists”.

RnR Magazine
“Enhancing a growing reputation as one of Britain’s finer songwriters. …it confirms that he’s also a gifted guitarist…exquisite fingerpicking beautifully complements a nicely judged vocal performance”

fRoots Magazine
[Thumbs Up] Proper job...a lovely picking style and a distinctly English turn of phrase.

Maverick Magazine
4/5 Stars: “A gentle yet compelling listen…this is a seriously good EP”

FATEA Magazine
“The songs are perfectly crafted and full of warmth and intimate moments. This is a record well worth picking up”

Folk Radio UK
“…it is rare to hear a songwriter so astutely match up words with music so that one complements the other to perfection”
“a truly talented songwriter”
“Circles is a small, bright gem of a record”

The “…fine point where voice, music and lyrics come together in a perfect symbiosis, feeding off each other in a unique way…worth its weight in gold”
“…intricate and inviting lyrics reach out through the softly engaging melodies and multitude of hooks”
“…an intriguing and absorbing listen, observational and contemplative”
“…an overarching impression of immediacy that gives the narratives an urgency to convey their messages, which makes this compulsive listening”
“‘Curious Heart’is utterly addictive”

Rolling Stone Magazine
“…a mastery of fingerpicking techniques and a repertoire of unusual chords; a fine poet with a very personal vocal style”
"His songs have echoes both of Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, two of his leading sources of musical inspiration, and listening to Alex in concert is balm to the soul…"

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