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Sounds likeRed Hot Chill Peppers, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys

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All Kind Mutants are not just a Liverpool based Indie/Funk/Rock/Pop band formed in early 2019. They are a sonic dish of Joey King's smoothie-like voice delivering melodies and messages, Ray Kim's hot spicy guitar strumming jazzy chords and playing old-school fuzzy solos, Charlie Hartley's crispy salty bass slap punching like a wild and untamed baby coyote, all along with Oli Spackman's groovy gravy beats smashing and banging out of control.

It sounds like a mismade dish indeed, that the chef has got to apologise profusely to customers, -maybe that is where the name ‘Mutants’ came from- however, as a matter of fact, a legend dish will be served at the most unexpected situation. A real taste. A mixture of real tastes.

The band have various musical taste. Starter of The 1975 and Feng Suave, main dish of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys, side dish of Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5, desert of Two Door Cinema Club and Nothing But Thieves. What a crazy course meal. Creativity comes from the excitement before serving up, originality comes from the aftertaste.

Mutants' principle for their original musical recipe is very straightforward. Work hard to flavour the tunes and polish up plating skills in studio and rehearsal room, then play hard to fulfil the audience's visual and gustatory need in live venue. Simple as that.

Listeners will be treated with an original recipe to spicy funk, sour blues and even extra mature cheddar cheesy rock and caramel coated pop, singing along about blown dreams, young generation chasing money, a cigarette that wants to be lit up by its lover, a failed non-human love story, an anger against hypocrites, an indescribable masculine desperation for femininity and many many more.

Since January 2019, Mutants have been spreading their original Mutella, which is sweet & spicy musical butter, on decent bread in Liverpool and Chester. There are more live gigs coming up in forthcoming months, as well as debut single recording in progress in the meantime.

Look up in the sky in the dark night, the shining bright twinkle of Micheline stars from the Mutants.

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Date Thursday 11 April 2019 at 17:00
Address Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Liverpool, UK,
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