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Sounds likeCHVRCHES, Broods, Peking Duk, Glades, PVRIS, Paramore

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Formed in 2018, alt pop trio Alpha Street are dishing out the feels with fresh yet nostalgic 80s-90s inspired tunes. Catchy vocal hooks in a soundscape of synths, guitars and electronic drums, Alpha Street’s sound is described as “sweet, bold, a little bit dark but also a little bright” - Claire Mooney, Triple J.

Penny Atlas delivers sugar sweet yet powerful vocals while Pat inputs a hybrid performance of guitar, vintage electronic drums and the occasional melodic-rap verse. Adam brings the rest of the electronic goodness, playing a shinny mix of digital and analog synths and percussive samples. The trio bring a diverse mix of sounds and influences, their newest single 'Darkest Places' (out on all platforms 28 June 2019) being no exception.

What are people saying??

"FEELS!! 80s synth and vocals melting like butter all over this toasty track. Straight to the playlist. Love it." - Sven

"Super funky track, with fresh, electro synth pop sounds. Amazing vocals and a cool uplifting vibe!" - Madzharvey

"Super shiny stuff you'll almost go to turn your phone screen brightness down as a reaction. The band really nail their production to match the energy." -Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

"Those 80's sounds...Fantastic!" - Rickyyy

"Not what I was first expecting, but woah.
this track will definitely be on repeat in my playlists
love love.." - KymmareeAU

"Penny's vocals are great the style really suits her voice.
It’s bright, pop, and not to over-the-top synth, great balance.
I really like it.
(Reminiscent of Chvrches??)
Cant wait to hear from this band!" - Scooby07

"For an Adelaide hybrid electronic band (I reckon those are err, pretty rare here)
this is absolutely phenomenal, every members performance is so tight it feels like a dream and the overall sound quality is up there with international acts doing similar stuff which is crazy knowing you're so local.
I would like to see this stuff live in a decent venue and can't wait for more." - Renton Thurston

"Got a bit of a PVRIS and Paramore in this. It's driven and draws every single word and sound straight from a place that's sweet, bold, a little bit dark but also a little bright. The production plays at full power. Love this." - Claire Mooney, Triple J

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