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Indie Rock, @AlteredStaytz is real. The music is real and from the heart. Drawing on a lifetime of experiences the songs cover a wide range of topics and eclectic styles.

Kevin writes the music and lyrics and has been writing songs since 1978. He has been a member of the National Academy of Songwriters and BMI.

Vince has a long history also, performing with well known artists as well as a session player. Vince plays a killer guitar as well as many other instruments.

We have both been in multiple bands and had many releases from various projects, including a joint project released in 1999. I moved from the Seattle, Washington area in 2000 to Idaho and searched online off and on for years before eventually finding Vince again after nearly 20 years.

We decided to give it another go together in 2018 and see if we can finally find an audience. It is allot harder than it sounds. Its a crowded market and unknown artists seldom catch the break they need to succeed in the music industry.

Our recent Cloud Based collaboration has resulted in some great songs so far and we have gotten some air play on internet & FM radio, including in the UK. Our songs can be found on many music platforms.

We are on NME, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, IHeart Radio, Deezer, YouTube, ReverbNation, Audiomack, Napster, Pandora, 7Digital, Tidal and AlteredStaytz.com

We have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so follow us to hear about new releases.

We have tried promotions on Facebook, Twitter and ReverbNation, but most people will not click on a link from an unknown artist. That makes it hard to stay motivated.

Song after song we pour out our hearts and souls for no return. We don't do it for money or fame we do it because we love music.

Music is made to be heard, which is our problem, nobodies listening. We don't claim to be the next big thing but we do believe if you listen you might just like what you hear!

Music is our passion and it shows in the music we make. Give us a listen!

Our motto is Where Words Fail Music Speaks. So we will let the music speak for itself. Give us a listen for more than 15 seconds and maybe you will be surprised!

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