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"Now their name might sound like a sun lotion that you get from Lidl in packaging similar to Ambre Solaire, it isn’t the only link with sunshine. This young trio are able to generate sand and summer through the air with their synth-driven tracks that are the musical version of an Ibiza beach bar at sunset. With the songs sounding like they could have been written on any day since 1990, they are going to set off the memories of music fans all over the country. I cannot wait to watch Ambiere in the open air with a beer in a paper cup" - Popped Music

Tell us a bit about yourself?
- We're Ambiere, three musicians from Manchester (Amber Lane-Mcivor, Jake Blythe, Oliver Lamb) who are every day combining our individual musical influences, ranging from 90's dance and trance to classical jazz piano, and using these to create something we hope every soul can either get their dancing shoes on to or just be completely present in the moment.

There are a lot of emerging artists in the UK right now. What sets you apart from the rest?
-We're merging electronic dance music with a live performance; We're a band that feels like a club night:

'Mancunian electronic three-piece Ambiere had removed the cold entirely by using the mystical power of their music to take a room full of people from Manchester and place them on a beach in Ibiza at sunset in the middle of summer. If anybody had directed me to listen to their music, I would have asked which DJ it was, expecting some famous name to be directed towards me with surprise. To see the music be produced live on stage which such ease and style was a rare treat. It was the sort of set that makes you text people about it in the hope of claiming Ambiere before your friends do. And they will try it, but I got there first. Ambiere are the sound of summer days all year round.' -Gary Lambert, Popped Music

What’s your back-story?
-We we all mutual friends who had a love for creating music, and we just clicked. From the three years we've been together we've grown together which has been a blessing, and we've now started to solidify our style and just really enjoy what we're doing at the moment.

What are you working on at the moment?
-We're currently working on getting our music out there to anyone who wants to listen. We're looking to Tour Europe and soon find underground dance scenes whilst working towards playing as many festivals that accommodate our music, whilst writing our third EP. We're also up for having our music remixed and collaborating with other artists.

What song is stuck in your head right now?
-'Amarillo now you've asked me' - Jake Blythe

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