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Amorie is a fully-formed enigma with hyper-metaphorical lyrics, minimal downtempo beats, and haunting vocals touching on the darkness of heartache. Blending inspiration from Lorde, James Blake, and Son Lux amongst others, her sound is a mix of several backgrounds. The now London-based American began writing and performing in her early teens, inspiring a move to Liverpool, UK at eighteen to hone in on her artistry at Paul McCartney’s famed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Following graduation from the university, Amorie turned to London and teamed up with Chicago poet Abbie Nielsen and Toronto producer Patrick Perez to create Volume One, a three-track left-of-centre narrative through the final days of a rocky relationship, due for release in early 2018, with debut single Cold coming out February 16th.

Volume One opens with “Cold,” a bass-heavy acknowledgement of cognitive dissonance within a relationship-‘Can we talk about the lies?’- the song’s melancholy tone coupled with minimal production allows the singer’s smoky vocals to amplify the bare honesty within poetic lyrics co-written with Chicago poet Abbie Nielsen. “Enough,” a cinematic inquisition of an unrequited love launches the listener into massive soundscapes created by Toronto producer Patrick Perez. The tension is met with release on the EP’s closing track “Lover, Please”: slow, gentle, and overwhelmed with longing, the final song explores the mental torment we often put ourselves through following a relationship and leaves the listener wondering how things ended- with the EP's title leaving the promise of more to come.

Speaking with Music Musings and Such, Amorie explains the inspiration for the EP: "We were both holding on to this relationship for way too long and kept going through these three stages of knowing things were about to get bad (Cold); feeling the weight of everything going wrong (Enough) and begging the other to come back one last time (Lover, Please). It can be addicting, you know?"

The undeniable honesty blends seamlessly with collaborator Perez's eclectic style: emphasis on bass with unconventional elements creating the percussion, and minimal enough to allow Amorie's unique vocal styling to remain the vocal point. With a heavy live schedule in 2018, Amorie is poised to take the UK and beyond by storm.

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