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“Wow, sounds fantastic, really, really lovely!!!” – John Kennedy (Radio X)
“Pure Love. And it turned out so deep and so hauntingly beautiful that it hurts.” – C-Heads Magazine
“A quite bewitching first song in his official debut single, 'Forever Gone'” - Linn Branson, Little Indie Blogs
“A simple, nice acoustic sound.” - Alfie Hanoun, Alfitude
“A brilliant example of GOOD modern folk music (...) Simple, mellow, and full of heart. That’s how folk is done.” - Alison Chi, Abduction Radiation

After a couple of years of making music in the safe confines of his own bedroom, and playing guitar and writing new songs for his debut material, Andrew shared this morning ‘Eyes Closed’, the single which marks the proper debut of his career as a singer/songwriter. This beautiful, evocative song is the first track to be taken from the Bucharest-based artist’s forthcoming debut EP, due for release 2018.

Disillusion, sadness, resignation, reconciliation with a state of fact, it’s hard to believe that such feelings, far from being filled with optimism, can be converted into a magical atmosphere with the help of an almost frozen guitar, a voice that truly permeates the listener and a few bits of electronica that elegantly wrap everything, making the Andrew Marica songs a truly special and unexpected gift.
A shock dose of melancholy, which might just be the thing you needed for “that” moment.

“I guess the song came to me naturally as I was caught in between chapters of my life, sort of an intermission phase. Made me feel like writing a song about that, about how I felt right then. It's a song about contrasting aspects of real life and how we often lie to ourselves that all is fine, when it isn't.” says Andrew about ‘Eyes Closed’.

This single is a typical example of Marica’s ability to deliver music and lyrics that are at the same time powerful, delicate and honest, with his striking voice a brilliant example of how modern folk music should sound, simple, mellow and heartfelt.

Very cool, emotionally connected simple track.

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