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Born and raised in London town, deep in the hustle and bustle of city life, Angelo V emerged as a Singer/songwriter/guitarist whose music is an eclectic mix of reggae hooks, rocky grooves and soulful melodies. Angelo started playing the violin at 9 years old before substituting his bow for his guitar at age 15. With a love of the piano his own raw sound began to emerge. After a decade down south in Exeter, Devon, his music evolved into what it is today, with that touch of hippy soul.

Having grown up in a trilingual household with an Italian Filipino family he has gained perspective on the world and its cultures which is expressed through his music. His songs further explore the complexities of relationships, the beauty life and love, honest self-reflection and changes we all experience at any
given time in our lives as well as that never ending feeling of attraction.

“Medusa” brings to life a mesmerising, captivating being that changes the seasons. “Moments” explores those little pieces of time when life is in its most raw and beautiful state; a moment that makes us so
inexplicably happy within. His music is every realisation, every idea and every experience that means something to us as humans encapsulated in a melodic, captivating sound. Reflection is the vital ingredient.

He is no stranger to the stage having performed regularly in countless acoustic nights and showcases around London since moving back in 2011 such as Live Expressions, Gigalum, World’s End, Dublin Castle,
Distillers, Upstairs at the Ritzy and Bar 366.

The Brixton Blog reviewed his recent set:

"His tender voice and melancholy vibe set the tone
beautifully. As his set continued he revealed a deep
vocal range, and his sometimes slurred delivery of
the lyrics gave his sound a sleepy bluesy feel."

Angelo V is on the roster for Live Expressions and recently played a full set at the Live Expressions: Showcase of Original Acoustic Talent Upstairs at the Ritzy in Brixton and the Southern Sessions at Gigalum.

His debut acoustic EP Other Side of Fear is currently in production with his debut single Medusa having just been released with the Trio this month after their festival debut at the Live Expressions Festival last
summer in Tunbridge Wells.

Website: angelo-v.com Instagram: angelodashvdotcom Twitter: @angelo_v_
Facebook: angelodashvdotcom Soundcloud: angelodashvdotcom

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