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Anna-Liese are a four-piece Waterford-based band made up of 2 Kilkenny men, a Wexford man, and indeed, a Waterford man.

All four members of Anna-Liese - Emmet Conefery (vocals, guitar), Mark Walsh (vocals,guitar), Eddy Blake (drums) and Sean Carey (bass guitar) met through college in Waterford (WIT) in 2011, all studying Music. Both Conefery and Walsh were writing their own songs separately and both of them contacted Sean and Eddy to put some bass and drums on their tracks. Rather than starting up two new bands it made sense for the four guys to form one band.

The guys recorded some rough versions of what turned out to be some of Anna-Liese's first set of songs. The recordings went pretty well which inspired the four aspiring musicians to continue writing together.

Sean, Eddy and Emmet hold Bachelor (Hons) Degrees in Music; Sean and Eddy; both accomplished Jazz performers, and Emmet; a gifted Classical guitarist.

In 2016, the band completed its first EP "Chasing and Fading" and acquired some much deserved street-credibility with an number of gigs under their belts, predominantly in Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork and Dublin. After a great year of gigs, the band felt inspired to continue writing new music. In April 2017, the band went back to the studio to record five new tracks which would become their second EP entitled 'Stand On My Own'. After releasing the EP in September 2017, the band embarked on an Irish tour to promote it, playing in Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork, Dublin and Carlow, receiving rave reviews.

It is difficult to generalise Anna-Liese. Its music encompasses slow tempos, melodic guitar passages, beautiful vocal harmonies, fast tempos, heavy riffs (often reminiscent of punk and grunge) and there is definitely some Indie-Rock in there for good measure. Each musician brings their own style to the table and each musicians’ personal taste is evident. Regardless of how you label Anna-Liese, you can be sure there is something for everybody in its repertoire.

Anna-Liese is growing from strength-to-strength, building a reputable following and continue to establish themselves as an energetic force in the Irish original music scene.

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