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Sounds likeNew Order, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Underworld

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"Challenging rotten minds in these rotten times"

Bursting the lid off Nottingham, with a sound that’s explosively ground-breaking, Anomic Soul release their debut album ‘AS1’.

A brain-busting sound-invasion of electronic rock / dark- wave, ‘AS1’ delivers the melodic epitome of chaos and disorder; a frenzy-fuelled disarray of addictive beats that crow-bar your mind to open-up and think differently. Anomic Soul have landed – and they take no prisoners!
The album spans many genres; Electro, Breakbeat, Rock, Techno, House, D&B and more, but it's all fused together with the vocals of Jamie 80 and the mission to look at and challenge the world around us.

Unnervingly raw and quivering on the precipice of eruption, Anomic Soul hail from the creative melting pot of Nottingham. A trio of musical master-minds, whose chemistry fuses to create one of the most cutting edge sounds of a generation. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer, Jamie Shrivastava (aka Jamie 80), began writing music at the age of 13. A fortuitous meeting with Six By Seven / Spotlight Kid drummer, Chris Davis, backstage at a gig, ignited an immediate chemistry between the musicians. Jamie had also worked for a long time with EDM producer Jonny Neal (aka Mr.5) and the trio came together as a fused unit – Anomic Soul was born. Live gigs quickly followed, which saw the band’s fan-base rapidly snowballing.

Jamie explains about the band and their sound “ ‘Anomic’ means a state or person with no social normality or value. The continuing theme throughout the album is that everyone is more of a solitary unit, unaware of the overall picture of society around them. Anomic Soul takes a very different slant on soul, our sound is soul without order.”

The album cover doesn’t pull any punches either. You can reliably judge this book by its cover; the visual punch is a potent as its hard-hitting contents. Off the wall and confident enough to make a visual statement, the artwork delivers the strength and beauty of all things natural….prompting us to question why should we feel ashamed?

Flip the switch and kick the machine into action – Anomic Soul have arrived and they mean serious business!

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