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Two piece Sheffield Based band formed in 2018. James Mottram and Laura Poules also known as Another Hot Summer.

The Band started out after James, a.k.a Motty, jokingly commented to Laura about entering the eurovision song contest with three weeks remaining for submission. Nothing like a challenge, just for a laugh and as the lloyd webber relinquished his hold, it was something for the bucket list for the year. So Motty wrote a song that night, recorded it down, Laura came over laid down some vocals and Another Hot Summer was born. Sadly, as with all tragedies, it didn't make it, hey ...there's always next year :P and without it we wouln't have them now.

"Wait a sec that sounds pretty good... lets do some more" :)

With all the rigmorals of karaoke weekends and fruitless playing of covers in bands both Laura and James decided to work on something original. Having quite enjoyed their first foray into writing songs as a two piece and many demos later they started to get the sound more pinned down... where they go from here... well lets just get us there.

What's next for the bucket list? well gigs, new music, radio play, getting out there, meeting new people, visiting new places, collaborations? festivals... living music and making sure to enjoy life... after all that's the majority of what life's about. Getting out there and just doing it! and what are we going to do? we're going to just get out there and do it. erm, ok ed, that sounds a bit dodgy! Whereever it leads. We'll have fun along the way and write some songs that hopefully others along their line will find a place for.

Some recommendations...
Lauras mom:
"They're bloody ace" - the best critic to have, always gonna happen

Motty's bro:
"haven't listend to it yet bro, sure it's good..." wait a sec!

Laura's BFF:
"I really like it..." - we were asking about the band I'm not sure!?!

Motty's BFF:
"wtf! "

Laura's cat:
? - if cats could only speak! ooh album title...

and there it is, more to come, more to write, more to learn, more to sing, more to dance. Watch this space. Take a listen.

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