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Hailing from County Durham, and currently based near Tunbridge Wells, Antony Welford is a multi instrumentalist with a particular leaning towards the guitar.

Despite learning to play the guitar at an early age, and getting as far a writing and recording an album, Antony has been musically dormant since the turn of the millennium.

After picking up and strumming a guitar for the first time in many years, new music started to come, and so the process began of finding equipment, arranging the songs, recording and mixing, then finally publishing.

These tracks are being published at about one per month, using Soundcloud as the platform for sharing. Fame and fortune is NOT the intention, but trying to make the best possible music definitely is. "Anytime anyone tells me they like one of these songs, that is my reward right there."

Antony is in the market for musicians to collaborate with. If anyone can play these instruments and also compose words or music, even better!

The first couple of songs were fairly simple rockers. The 3rd track "The Precipice" is probably more indicative of the future direction. It just feels more important, with more depth to both the music and the lyrics. This track itself has an interesting history. Its is based on an earlier song, but has been given entirely new lyrics, melody, groove and attitude. All that remains of the old song is 2 chords and some guitar riffs.

The influences on this material are varied. Some of it is clearly influenced by early Oasis, but there is a definite heavy metal edge. Antony is particularly keen on some of the music coming out of Scandanavia (Ghost, Katatonia).

Vocally, the key word is "Harmony". "If I can forge the sound of a heavy metal ABBA, that is a result".

The project exists only in the studio today. 2019 is the year that this music will hopefully be performed live. There is power in this music, and it will only truly be appreciated in a live environment.

"I don't even know how it will sound live myself. It should be EPIC".

Read more at https://artists.nme.com/artist/antony-welfords-midlife-crisis/#HmLSze6JTCcwzeAy.99

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