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ATL (pronounced Atlanta) is a London born rapper orginally hailing from Hackney in East London but is now repping North London. She has been writing her own tracks since the age of 16 and is currently on the path to become one of the biggest and most respected UK rappers.

ATL takes inspiration from artists like EVE, Trillary Banks and Steff lon Don but her gritty lyrics and unique flow make her one to watch for 2019's emerging artists. ATL's music can be described as 'road rap' which talks about life on the streets lived outside the supposed mainstream of middle class experience.

Listening to her tracks you'll quickly realise that the East London born rapper's experience is very different to most female rappers and her stories mirror those of male rappers. Put it this way: if ATL's tracks were featured on Top Boy or Power, you'd have no idea that a woman created such gritty, rough artistry! If the likes of Blade Brown, 67 or Fredo were to feature her on a track, it would be one of the biggest tracks to hit the airwaves!

Following a year of ups and downs, the London rapper is ready to take her place on the podium. Her voice and stance as a woman 'doing road' is exactly what the UK rap scene needs. The US rap scene has had it's fair share of globally successful female rappers from Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, EVE to Megan thee Stallion but the UK is yet to have such talent. ATL is going to fill that gap and show that women can be just as equally talented & versatile.

FUN FACT:- ATL performed at the HellaTurnt UK live music showcase in November 2018 and was the first and only artist to have her tracks wheeled up 3 times! This was her first live performance and she left the room buzzing with her confident demeanour, energetic performance and catchy tracks.

Here's to more wheel ups and more live perfomances!

If you would like to get in touch with ATL, you can reach out to her on Instagram & Twitter @atltheartist1 or atlantatheartist1@gmail.com for any collabs, beats, feedback or if you'd simply like to send your love.

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