Sounds likeThe Smashing Pumpkins, Stereophonics, cage the elephant, ash, dinosaur pile up

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Tell us a bit about yourself? We are a power trio from France, we love pizzas, bands like Serafin, Ash, Idlewild, BRMC, Violent Soho, Fangclub, Vant, Otherkin, Amazons, Royal Blood, "Classics bands" as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Stone Temple pilots, QOTSA..We rock and for us the best thing in the world is playing our songs on stage

There are a lot of emerging artists in the UK right now. What sets you apart from the rest? We're french... I think that's set us apart! OK, at the first look it's like a burden, and it's true! Seriously we're french and we aren't able to give you a real cool french rock band name...In France people think we are from England or from US, and for us, that's the best thing people can say about us.
It's true actually there is so many exciting "new artists" and it's cool, I think we can be one of them. We've got good tunes, we're doing explosive live performance, so listen or come to see us and you will be able to judge by your self if we set apart..

What’s your back-story? The world is sad, we all know that but we've got to deal with it. So be your self, deal with the lie, with badness, enjoy simple things, drink beers, do your best to make the world better, or be selfish. But dont worry about people think about you.

What are you working on at the moment? Our new single "Attraction" is out now, so we are working on our second LP "Summer Rain" release (01/19/2018) We recorded at the Courtyard Studio near Oxford with Ian Davenport (Band of Skulls,Supergrass...) and was mastered in NY by Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth..) We are preparing a tour for 2018 too

What's the first song you remember hearing? Probably a shitty french song...

You're in a Karaoke Bar - What's your go to song? If i'm enough drunk to go to a Karaoke bar... Here come your man - Pixies

What was the first gig you went to? Ash, free all angels tour for me and Alex, Nada Surf for Frank

Which song do you wish you'd written? Today - The Smashing Pumpkins -

Which song changed your life? Creep - Radiohead

Which song would you like played at your funeral? Idea Track - Idlewild

What song is stuck in your head right now?Dreamcatcher - Fangclub , I just listen their new album, before answering to that interview, they're brillants

What was the first Album you bought? If I remember well the first was The Police best of...

Which song made you want to play music? Difficult question, it's more all the songs I, and we listen during our teenage... but If I've got to choose... Day by day - Serafin

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