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Tell us a bit about yourself? I'm Basscharmer, name is influenced from a Rage Against the Machine song called Snakecharmer. My influences are mostly the 80s-era games, their soundtracks and some great composers like Mick Gordon, Jake Kaufman and Disasterpeace.

There are a lot of emerging artists in the UK right now. What sets you apart from the rest? I started producing music with using samples and trying to make popular EDM genre stuff like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, trance etc. But I started to getting interested in more different stuff like chiptune and OSTs of the older generation video game eras. I think chiptune/8-bit music can be more than just OSTs of the pixel art video games and I just want to share what can be done with it. Well, at least what I can do with it.

What’s your back-story? "Songs For A Dys/Utopia" album is an actually a story idea of mine. Whole album is a concept for that. A guy arrives to an utopic place, things gone wrong and that utopia becames a dystopia. I know, it's kinda cheesy but it sounds really better in my mind.

What are you working on at the moment? I'm working on a new album right now. I'm just trying to go all metal on chiptune this time, I hope it'll be good.

What's the first song you remember hearing? Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica.

You're in a Karaoke Bar - What's your go to song? Can I say "nothing" to that? I suck at singing :(

What was the first gig you went to? My big brother's band. Yes, I'm a good little brother.

Which song do you wish you'd written? Courage Under Fire / Bucklers and Bonnets by Jake Kaufman Wagering Lights by Disasterpeace

Which song changed your life? Idioteque by Radiohead

Which song would you like played at your funeral? Whale & Wasp by Alice in Chains

What song is stuck in your head right now?Pushit by Tool

What was the first Album you bought? Evil Empire by Rage Against the Machine

Which song made you want to play music? When I was playing Tony Hawk's American Wasteland I heard the I Disappear by The Faint and fell in love with it's bassline. I really wanted to buy and learn to play bass guitar because of that song.

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