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Start where you are. Know what you're looking for. Do what you can. Believe in your dreams, know what they really mean and make a plan. Cos its unconditional, and do we know? The story is still untold. What do you want to be? Have you got everything you need to make today? Understanding everything helps you deal with all the things that get in the way. We keep our eyes on the stars but the world is getting in the way of us. We keep our feet on the ground. Can't fall. Won't fall. Learn to use your mind and the effects of space and time will follow you. Grow your wings and fly and if the limit is the sky, then why are there footsteps on the moon?

Look, there's a stranded stranger wounded by the side of the road. No samaritan will help him cos they said his mind is out of control.Walk past his broken soul and ponder on his life with a frown. There's no better way to kick him than to kick him while he's down. And that's what's bringing him down.
Time to make it personal, no wonder that he's learned to fight back. The man can learn to stand himself and get his life back on track. Don't ya worry about a goddamn thing. Says the man who comes from having nothing. And that's what's bringing him down.

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