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Evocative and infectious melodies with layered productions that go from dark and foreboding to anthemic and hopeful. Atmospheric and cinematic, Belle Mt [spoken; Belle Mont] arrives with a sound born out of the collaboration between London based artist Matt Belmont and Nashville producer Femke Weidema. There is an obsessive focus on poetic and meaningful lyrics, complex infectious melodies and epic productions which envelop and elevate each song further. The musical connection between artist and producer has resulted in a partnership which brings a unique writing and production style to the project, steeped in layered ambience and depth. Working out of home project studios and releasing on a shoestring budget, 8 songs were written and demoed in that first 10 day trip, and the haunting lead-track ‘Hollow’ was born.

Hollow was released across streaming and download platforms on September 8th and supported by Spotify and Apple Music with inclusion on the New Music Friday worldwide playlist; amassing 500,000+ streams across platforms in its first 6 weeks. A live performance of the track was featured on The Mahogany Sessions prior to release and reached 70,000+ views at the last count. The follow up track Let Me was released on October 20th with subsequent single releases coming out once every 6 weeks.

Following a packed out industry showcase at The Country, Nashville in October, the next immediate live stop is the legendary Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on November 20th. If 2017 saw the birth of Belle Mt and a focus on establishing the bands sound, 2018 looks to be a very exciting year indeed with at least 10 more releases planned to complete the 12 track release schedule as well as live tours in the UK and the US in the pipeline. Belle Mt live shows are known for being as cinematic as their tracks, generally taking place in epic venues with focus on visuals and ambient lighting to enhance the audiences experience of the music and lyrical stories even further.

Belle Mt is comprised of Matt Belmont (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Ben Worsley (Lead Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals) and Chris Burgess (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals).

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Date Monday 20 November 2017 at 14:17
Address The Hotel Cafe, North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90028

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