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Amid the Tewkesbury pastures, overlooking the banks of the Severn, it began with a friendship, built on a shared mission to test musical boundaries.

With a self-built treehouse studio as their laboratory, the early-years were spent manipulating whatever hardware they could come by (afford), in order to create their intended sound.

Playing a number shows across west under a number of monikers, the band made the decision to relocate to Bristol in search of a further aural adventures. Here they surrounded themselves with all that Bristol had to offer, playing the many venues the city had to offer. It was at this time Shrills began to develop a stronger understanding of what was happening to the world around them, listening intently to the stories told to them by late night acquaintances and further-afield folk.

Combining previous experimentation with their dilating ontologies, the now six-piece alternative/electronic collective offer not only pop-hooks, but pithy tales. With the treehouse but a distant memory, bearing witness to current times, the now basement-bound band being 2018 with a double A-Side entitled: Woah / Burning, Like Atomic Rain. Each track poses conflicting character, with the first positing an unidentifiable remedy to the endless list of worldly-woes, the second highlighting the positivity which can be found everywhere, if only you look for it.

Their DIY ethos permeates all works, with their previous two singles "Sophie" and "Space Invaders" each paying tribute to undeniable skill in recording and mixing, even going as far as to directing, filming and editing their very first music video.

Notably, the band return to the treehouse each summer, to host their own festival 'Locktoberfest', showcasing local up-and-coming talent, which will see its 6th year in 2018. With a self-built site for ~100 people across 3 days, it offers a small taste of the freedom described pre-Castlemorton.

With early support from BBC Introducing, Tom Robinson, Bristol Live Magazine, Tap The Feed and Hide The Line, the 6-piece now shift their focus to developing an equally breath-taking immersive live experience, utilising a range of synthesisers, drum machines and guitars - these boys are sure to make you dance: Power-Pop for the rapture.

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