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Big Cat are brothers Henry and John Tydeman from Brighton (UK).

Formerly known as Orange Soul, the duo released their debut two-track EP in early 2017, which comprised of ‘A Thousand Times’, a piano-led ballad, and ‘(Somehow) I Still Think Of You’, a more subtle number, underpinned by eerie vocal harmonies. Reviewers praised the contrasting musical styles present on the EP, one commenting that the first track “shoots straight for the singer-songwriter tradition, falling in line with early Elton John”, whilst the second “has a certain haunting, ghostly nature to it, bringing about memories of The Beatles’ ‘Because’”. ‘A Thousand Times’ was picked up by BBC Introducing soon after its release, and selected as a ‘track of the week’.

In June 2017 the brothers released ‘The Haze’, a pristinely produced, intensely emotional single, which lyrically drew inspiration from John’s slow and painful recovery from an operation earlier in the year. This track also received the support of BBC Introducing, and was featured by the hugely popular alexrainbirdMusic on YouTube, in the September compilation which has currently been viewed half a million times. Louder Than War magazine described ‘The Haze’ as “something grand and opulent”; the verses are “gorgeously sung”, whilst the choruses are nothing short of “euphoric".

Since the summer of last year, Big Cat’s sound has developed significantly, and now, supported by 8 man backing group, their manic and unhinged live shows have more than a dash of the theatrical to them. Clearly influenced by current flamboyant baroque pop artists, like Foxygen and The Lemon Twigs – the latter of which also comprises of two brothers – the not yet released songs in the Tydemans’ setlist are snappy, and lyrically more adventurous. The new band, which includes a trio of horn players, have recently joined the brothers in the studio, and subsequently Big Cat are set to release new music later this year.

Boasting intricate harmonies, glitzy dizzying avant garde rock, and a powerful horn section that will knock you over, Big Cat are most definitely ones to watch in 2018. Not bad for two brothers from good old Brighton.

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Date Friday 26 January 2018 at 21:20
Address The Bristol Pear, Bristol Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B29 6BJ

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