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Billy Clayton is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and producer hailing from Norwich. Whilst songwriting has been a part of his life from the start, taking part in local choir and theatre productions as a child and penning his first track at 11, it wasn't until the age of 18 that Billy began shaping himself as the artist he is today.

With the essentials of a Macbook and a microphone, he began teaching himself Logic, recording self-written tracks in the comfort of his bedroom on top of dreamy synth pop instrumentals that combine nostalgic 80's pad synths with modern-day alt-pop influences stretching from the moody darkness of Grimes to the gentle ambience of BATHS. It is exactly this that made Billy stand out to the likes of Charli XCX who after listening to his debut EP 'Luminary' (2016) invited him to London's Sarm West Studios to write together. Speaking about her admiration for the young musician, Charli said: ‘Billy is a really unique and special artist. His sound is very emotional, and he cares a lot about every aspect of what he does. I was really attracted to his dedication to his art'.

Dedication is just the tip of the iceberg for Billy who has been fighting a battle with cancer since 2015, all the while continuing to create music, often from the confides of a hospital room, releasing 2 extended plays including 2017's 'Bloom' - a showcase of vulnerability and nostalgic melancholy through autobiographical lyrics and mellow productions, and the recent single 'Fear', a radio-ready alt-pop track that Billy says he wrote 2 years prior to release, collecting lyrics from personal archived poetry to form a song that is both autobiographical and socially observant. The single has since earned over 8,000 Spotify streams and boasts a feature in Billboard magazine which praises his 'hazy and euphoric' vocals and bass-heavy productions.

Making his live debut in 2017 and playing just a handful of intimate gigs so far (which boast a Latitude set and an opening slot for critically acclaimed Norwich duo Let's Eat Grandma), Billy is just at the beginning of a promising, exciting career.

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