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Sounds likeNERO, Crystal Castles, Purity Ring, The Birthday Massacre

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Black Fun Surgery are a two piece band based in London, UK. The group's origins date back to 2014 when producer Slight V was living in Milan. After being in the alternative rock scene for more than 10 years, he decided to start a completely different project driven by his growing passion for industrial music and synthesizers.

He started working in his home-studio on a bunch of new electronic tracks, while looking for a vocalist to complete the project. After a long search he was drawn to an internet advert of a female Italian singer, whose influences included some of his favourite bands like The Birthday Massacre and Kidneythieves.

With her voice, Didi Delaroux revealed herself to be a perfect match, completing the tracks with a particular retro and dark songwriting. This creative flow leads the project to a parallel identity that often makes the lyrics reminiscent of operating theaters and surgical interventions. Cutting sounds, sick chords and haunting melodies are the only ways to cure the wounds of the body and ease the patient's suffering. These visions also inspired the band's name Black Fun Surgery.

On this premise, they started writing their first demo track Spectralia, that was quickly released in 2015 followed by a music video exclusively streamed on the American alternative channel BlankTV. After the debut, they relocated to the UK and spent the last two years on producing, recording and meticulously mixing all the new material for the upcoming EP "Patches".

The first album’s single Plastic was released in August 2017. Driven by edgy vocals, gritty synth bass, chunky drums, Plastic -according to the band-, is about "a fake world where we feel the urge to celebrate our uniqueness through music".

A self-produced music video, directed by Slight V himself, paints the backdrop for the song, alternating singer Didi walking along graffiti in East London with shots taken inside the studio. As the band says, "the city and its psychosis are a major inspiration for us".

‘Plastic’ received positive reviews from both fans and web-radios, especially on ReverbNation where the band have been in the Top 10 of the UK electronica chart for more than four weeks after the single's release, ranked 7.4 from Crowd Review.

Just before 2017’s new year’s eve the band officially released Black Smoke, the 2nd single off of their upcoming album. The song features the support of 80s-styled synth atmospheres and multi-tracked voices with a direct and catchy songwriting.

The duo describes it as “A simple and ambiguous track. We wanted to experiment new ways of treating vocals in there and make them stand out as much as possible. We think about Black Smoke as our electro-pop outfit”.

The duo is now working on the forthcoming EP release and promotion. UK dates are expected to follow shortly.

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