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Sounds likewild beasts, when saints go machine, bjork

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Zan Crabbe - Vocals/Keys/Guitars
Rob Eatough - Bass/Keys/Sampler
Jon Crabbe - Drums/Sampler/Keys/Vocals
Finnian Smith - Guitars/Vocals

We're aware that Bleached Bones sounds like a metal band, but honestly, we're not. While reading a novel, the words 'Bleached Bones' jumped out to us and we decided to go with it. Worst band names have existed.

Bleached Bones are an electronic group based in London, consisting of brothers Zan and Jon Crabbe who write and produce the music. Originally hailing from the steel city of Sheffield, we have been influenced by the electronic roots that Sheffield is built on. We are influenced by a variety of electronic/dance music including Wild Beasts, Jamie xx, Bjork and Massive Attack.

Our music style is based around minimal dance beats from our love of Techno and House, combined with falsetto vocals, which is a direct influence from some of our favourite male and female singers. Some of our music has recently been used on a HBO documentary series about global warming, so we are pretty glad that we are contributing to the fight to save the planet.

Previously operating under the name of Blossomer, we have returned with a matured sound which is still reminiscent of our previous project.

We recently played our debut show back in July supporting The Orielles at Night & Day cafe, which we followed up with a performance in our hometown of Sheffield by playing Tramlines Festival at the Picture House Social. We have recently booked in a show with Now Wave at Soup Kitchen in Manchester supporting the wonderful KIIo, as well as some upcoming shows in the New Year including a radio session.

Having worked on an album for the past year or so, we are nearing the completion of debut EPs; yes, plural. In an ever changing music industry, we have lost our love for full length LPs, so what better way around it than releasing smaller releases?

You can check out all our previous releases, as well as video work at the following links. We warn you now, we are very visual people so our twitter presence is probably awful. We try our best, honestly.


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Date Monday 16 October 2017 at 17:00
Address Soup Kitchen, Spear Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 1DF
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