Sounds likeBlossoms, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys
LocationNorth Wales

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Bluff are an indie band from North Wales. The idea for the band was thought up in 2016 by school friends Cal Davies (Vocals/Guitar) and Yanni Westaway-Green (Lead Guitar) on the way to a gig in Manchester. The band remained as a two piece for a few months while Cal and Yanni wrote a few songs while in sixth form together, but shortly after, Ethan Armstrong (Bass) and Gaz Farley (Drums) joined to make the band what it is today.

Each individual member of Bluff has a varied music taste which combines together in order to create a unique sound. Previously, there have been comparisons to the likes of The Smiths and Joy Division after live performances, but the studio songs have been compared to Blossoms and The Vryll Society. It is extremely important for the band not to be pigeon-holed into one specific genre, however, if a label was to be put on the band, it would be indie rock with heavy 80s influence.

Cal and Yanni are the predominant songwriters in the band. The two often work closely together, sharing various demos with one another before joining forces to flesh out the songs together. The lyrical content of the band's songs come from different experiences. Sometimes the songs are derived from a personal experience, whereas, songs such as 'Lemonade Money' came from Yanni overhearing the phrase 'champagne lifestyle, lemonade money'. It is important for Bluff to create music in which people can relate to, hence the large emphasis placed on lyricism.

Bluff have been very fortunate to work with two of their inspirations in Rory Wynne and Tarek Musa from Spring King. Cal had been a fan of Rory Wynne for a while and gave him a copy of a demo EP after one of Rory's shows and have been in contact with him ever since. Rory mixed the band's first single release 'Freckled Tear'. The band also went to Rory's home studio (RR Studios) to record second single 'The Dream Machine', which Rory also mixed. The band's third single 'Momentary Favour' was mixed by the aforementioned Tarek Musa. The band came into contact with Tarek via email and he kindly offered to mix the track.

As a band, Bluff have played great venues such as Night & Day, Manchester, as well as The Tivoli, Buckley. They have become somewhat veterans in and around their hometowns too, playing various venues thanks to the work of Steve Rastin and Mark Chesterton, who work tirelessly in order to help various artists in our local music scene.

The next step for Bluff is the release of EP 'Mutual Admiration of the Respected Arts' which is scheduled for release on 29.03.2019. The EP will be fronted by lead single 'Sommelier' as well as three accompanying songs.

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Date Thursday 4 April 2019 at 13:33
Address THE NORTH, Wellington Road, Rhyl, UK, LL18 1BA

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