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Hailing from a sleepy town in the Midlands, famous for many things other than music. We're trying to change that.

The death of the music venue/pub has hit Stratford particularly hard, having gone from a thriving local music/drinking scene with several venues catering for local talent, it is now a ghost-town. My guess is that this story probably resonates all over the country, real shame.

Anyroad; Brake. We've all been in bands and done the local circuit before it collapsed. The death of the 'scene' may have driven some musicians underground, but this appears to be a good thing as far as we're concerned, as we're spending time writing and recording, where we would otherwise have been at pubs/venues attending gigs!

Brake formed in early 2019, following the collapse of a band that our lead guitarist (Dan), rhythm guitarist (Chris) and drummer (Rich W) were in. A vocalist (Rich A) that Chris used to be in a band with was drafted in and a new band was formed.

We've all known each other for some years, but have always had other projects and/or commitments on the go and as such, had never all got together in a room with our instruments, and the intention of writing music before.

Our musical style is difficult to pin a specific title on, other than simply 'rock'. Our influences are fairly broad and as such, we don't really fit into any particular niches. For example, our collective favourite musical genres are; drum and bass, heavy rock, reggae, 80's hair-metal, hip-hop, indie rock, metal and blues. We do however, each have a long-standing love of rock music (admittedly, we can't agree on a favourite type though!). Brake's obvious musical influences are; The Music, Oasis, Rage Against The Machine, Sticky Fingers, Incubus, The Libertines, Limp Bizkit, Status Quo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lost Prophets (is this acceptable again yet?!), AC/DC and Royal Blood. Put all of those bands into a box, and you'd be hard pressed to come up with a label other than simply 'rock'! Have a listen to our stuff, get at us if you've got a less broad genre-label we fit into.

Chris and Rich W are ravers, loves them some D&B, and as they're our rhythm section, it has squarely angled a majority of our output to be high-tempo tunes that are designed to make you want to dance around like an idiot. Dan is into blues/rock & roll, he's happy as long as there's plenty of room for a decent guitar solo (luckily, he's pretty good at them!). Rich A is an indie-boy at heart, but didn't take much convincing to sign-up after we banded a few ideas around (good music is good music, right?!). He's just about the ideal percentage of arrogance/ego/talent to make the perfect front-man!

So yeah, we're all about high-tempo bangers, serious riffs, catchy hooks, ridiculous solos, infectious beats and basslines. However, we do understand that sometimes the tempo has to come down so that you can hold a lighter in the air and sing your lungs out! So we've also got a few slower anthems in there too.

Have a listen, decide you like it, come down to a gig and dance about like a total idiot!


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