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Sounds likeAlabama 3, Nick Cave, The Foo Fighters
LocationTyne and Wear

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Hailing from North East England, Brass Monkey is a singer/songwriter producing grunge inspired bluesy rock. With diverse influences including The Foo Fighters, The Doors, The Red Hot Chili Peppers & BB King, one publication described his debut single as a great reworking of 60s garage which could've been pulled straight from the Peaky Blinders or Sopranos soundtrack.

Breaking his teeth on the open mic circuit for several years before becoming known as a gigging acoustic soloist, he released his first single, "Breadline," on the 10th of June 2019. The song aims to vent the pressure cooker of emotions felt by those left behind in modern Britain with a cathartic foot stomping track.

After being debuted by Spark Sunderland's "Launchpad" as well as Valley FM's "Sweet Sunday Sounds" in Australia it received national airtime on Union Jack Radio's "Underdogs" and is now on the rotation for KB Radio Canada and Only Rock Radio.
His second single "Nowhere" will be available on the 16th of November.

From Brass Monkey:

"Nobody's truly self taught but my teachers have been a mix of books, YouTube vids and friends. I've always wanted to become great at guitar for my own pleasure and wrote songs long before I took them seriously but I honestly never expected to become a singer. I started playing open mic nights for fun expecting to eventually find a singer to work with. I met a lot of great people but playing for someone else became slowly less important as I gained confidence in my own voice, in no small part from the unexpected positive feedback I received.

I started working on my vocals in earnest & one host Terry Gorman, aka Acoustic Rebel, encouraged me to try out original songs. I went back to the drawing board thinking about heavy power chord arrangements and wrote what's eventually become my first single and arguably the signature of my "style" if I have one.

Later I met another awesome host & musician called Sheona McQue who sold me my guitar when I needed something gigworthy. Her EP Skin is amazing & her voice is incredibly soulful.

Later still I met a host called Neil Gibson. I was gigging by this time & he'd previously produced an album for Jonathan Honour which sounded great. He loved my originals & offered to record them for me & here we are. I've been amazed at the positive reception "Breadline" has received both in print & by continued acceptance for radio around the world. I can't wait for people to hear "Nowhere."

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