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Sounds likeYann Tiersen, Ludovico Einaudi, Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Max Richter

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Bruno Sanfilippo is a classically trained musician and composer. He graduated from the Galvani Conservatory, Buenos Aires, with a degree in musical composition [piano]
His focus alternates between the exploration of minimalist piano concepts and electro-acoustic music. He is obsessed with the search for new and unique qualities in music, the magical and the deep. In dreams, there’s no imagined thing that’s too absurd, too strange, and Bruno Sanfilippo’s music comes from that inexhaustible and shameless source. The artist began playing the piano at a young age, starting with the Pleyel piano from his parent’s home in Buenos Aires. Although Sanfilippo draws inspiration from various genres, in his early years, he was influenced by classical composers such as Erik Satie, Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel.
During the last years, he has made soundtracks for feature films. He has performed live and multimedia events at different stages and festivals of the world. In 1998, Sanfilippo started ad21, a personal platform/label responsible for some of his albums except 'The Poet', which was signed with 1631 Recordings & Decca Publishing in 2016, and 'Unity' released through the Russian label Dronarivm in 2018. He has been lauded as an “exceptionally refined sound-sculptor” and his work has been compared to Max Richter, Arvo Pärt, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ludovico Einaudi , and many more in the area of contemporary classical.

About Piano Textures. Headphone Commute
...Simple and elegant, mesmerizing and haunting. I absolutely love turning up the volume, and letting every hypnotic and melancholic note weep gently through the night. For the lovers of Max Richter, Eluvium, Rafael Anton Irisarri, and Zbigniew Preisner, I highly recommended this gem!

Ambient Blog wrote: “Minimalist and modern classical piano music is a crowded genre nowadays, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. But for his restrained but emotionally engaging compositions, his perfect sound quality and combining the sound of the piano with more experimental electro-acoustics, Bruno Sanfilippo can stand the comparison with fellow contemporary classical composers like Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Harold Budd”

Had a listener’s only exposure to Bruno Sanfilippo come about through hearing his recent Hypnos recording Urbs, said listener would have identified him as an exceptionally refined sound-sculptor working in the electro-acoustic ambient field. But the classically trained Sanfilippo also issues minimalist piano recordings, of which Piano Textures 3 is a particularly impressive example; it’s of course the third in a series (the first issued in 2007 and the second 2009), which can be purchased separately or in a lavish box set as a complete collection

Suite Patagonia [2000]
Visualia [2003]
ad Libitum [2004]
Anthology 1991-2004 [2005]
InTRO [2006]
Piano Textures [2007]
Auralspace [2009]
Piano Textures 2 [2009]
Subliminal Pulse [2011]
Urbs [2012]
Impromptu [EP 2012]
Piano Texture Found [EP 2012]
Piano Textures 3 [2012]
ClarOscuro [2014]
Inside Life [2015]
Upon Contact Reworked [2015]
The Poet [2016]
Piano Textures 4 [2016]
Lost & Found [2017]
Unity [2018]
InTRO remastered & expanded [2018]
Pianette [2019]


Bruno Sanfilippo es compositor y productor musical. Alterna entre la exploración enfocado al piano minimalista y los paisajes electrónicos.
Nació en Buenos Aires y se trasladó a Barcelona. Es Profesor de música desde el año 1988. "Su rasgo musical principal es su invocación a las imágenes. Sus primeros trabajos se acercan más a la música cinematográfica, en cambio
los posteriores se mueven a través de los reinos de la música ambiental, aunque con un fuerte sentido visual"
Le obsesiona la búsqueda de lo distinto, lo sorprendente, lo mágico, y lo profundo. En los sueños no hay cosa imaginada demasiado absurda o demasiado rara, su música proviene de esa fuente onírica inagotable y descarada.

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