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bunq is originally from Jordan and currently lives in Manchester, UK. He’s finishing his architecture degree and has been writing and producing music for eight years. This definitely shows in his work as his pieces are well-crafted and continuous pieces of music. Yes, all albums are supposedly continuous but what’s different about bunq’s first album is that it is comprised of one continuous 30-minute instrumental piece. It’s definitely a clever way of masking the fact that he simply wrote a song which is half an hour in length. It is broken up into eight sections, however, so I suppose that passes it off as an album with variations and divergences.

bunq does instrumental guitar-based pieces bathed in delay and reverb. The guitar is the main actor in the instrumental pieces creating the most prominent layer, almost acting as a vocal track, with the rest of the instruments providing a rigid backing fabric for its myriad of varying melodies. This results in a synergy created by all the acting elements of the music, no matter how clear or opaque they are to the ear, as they create a full, reverberating and atmospheric sound.


The first full piece of music, Lapse, was released earlier this year. The piece is an inaugural attempt at creating an album. There are no vocals and it reads as one continuous piece made up of 8 sections. There’s quiet bits and there’s lively bits, and there’s a whole lot of guitar. It works well as an easy-listening piece in the background and some might like fully immersing themselves in it. Some of the ideas in it have been there since bunq's school days, others are more recent. The whole thing’s been brewing and developing for a while now and this is the most current representation of the piece.

The album was reviewed by Divide and Conquer, a collaboration of music enthusiasts who focus on talented unsigned artists to promote their music. The following is an excerpt of the review:

"This was definitely an experience, 30 minutes that you’ll be glad you spent on an instrumental piece. This is a hard piece of art to define; it’s progressive rock in many senses, but it’s also atmospheric music at other times. There are so many sounds present that one couldn’t be criticised for mistaking warped guitar solos for electronica. You’ll have to listen for yourself."

Lapse is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

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