Busk til Dawn

Sounds likeMumford and Sons, REM and The Coral
LocationNorth Wales

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Busk til Dawn
The three piece indie band born in Wales but raised in the West Coast of America have an extraordinarily unique story to tell.

After serving in the British military, guitarist Ellis and cajon player Josh decided to embark upon an adventure a little less demanding. Driven by a love of music and travel, the pair busked their way from Australia to Mexico, Canada to Guatemala and back again. Accompanying them the whole way was their beloved RV \\'Marge\\', who at this stage can probably consider herself to be the 4th member of the band she\\'s featured so much.

Upon returning to the UK and with brains bursting with stories, bassist Kyle was recruited, securing the perfect addition to their Busk til Dawn project. Equipped with the songwriting finesse of their new bassist, the mere tales from the road were able to be brought to life so visibly and vividly.

Influenced by bands such as The Coral and The View, the trio released their debut album \\'Life is for Living\\' in June 2018, their album launch hosting a beach themed party to enhance the experiences, ecstasy, inspiration and true happiness that can be found in a life of travel.

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Busk til Dawn, with festival bookings all over the UK and the start of 2 Nation Wide Theatre Tours. The guys have had a fantastic start to the year with having shows in Manchester, one of which was a private booking for the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as their tour dates in Manchester came to a close.
The band will be concentrating their efforts into the Manchester and Liverpool music scenes over the next coming months and they are certainly worth going to see.

\\"We are taking things up a notch now and really getting ourselves out there, especially to the cities. So we have plans to get back into the studio and really work on our sound. We\\'ve got so many great influences and we really want to create something special.
We can\\'t wait to hit the road on the UK tours we have planned and we\\'re really looking forward to 2019 in general, were excited!\\"

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