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We are Busking for Misfits, a power trio of swaggering 90's style rock from Portsmouth, UK. We consist of the talented Joshua Davey on guitar, the great Cristian Munteanu on drums and the lanky Oliver Whitehead on bass and vocals. Our main influences come from many aspects of rock, including Royal Blood, Extreme, Porcupine Tree, Muse, Black Country Communion and Dream Theatre.

We formed at university after the two founding members, Oliver and Cristian, created our debut song, Tequila Sunrise, for the Glastonbury New Blood competition in February 2019. Joshua joined as guitarist for the video submission and quickly became a member of the band. After two weeks of writing and recording, we released our debut self-titled EP on March 1st 2019. We were scouted by a London based promotion company and on March 29th 2019, our second gig was the headline slot at 93 Feet East in Aldgate.

From the end of March 2019 to the beginning of June 2019 we wrote and recorded our first album, titled Resolution. Another London based promotion company approached us and after some local Portsmouth gigs, we played at The Spice of Life in Soho on May 18th 2019, playing some songs from the yet unreleased album. Our final gig before summer was our album launch event, played at The Guildhall Village in Portsmouth on June 15th 2019. We released Resolution on June 17th 2019.

Resolution was a showcase type of album, with the first nine songs grouped into threes, with each of the groups having a different member of the band as the musical producer. Each of the groups show the members musical influences:

The first 3 songs are guitarist Joshua Davey's, taking his influences from prog rock, hard rock and heavy metal. The next group of songs are bassist/vocalist Oliver Whitehead's, taking note of punk, rock and the particular heavy hitting sound of Royal Blood. The final group is the work of drummer Cristian Munteanu, using his heavy influence of progressive rock, metal and ballads to craft the main sound of his songs.

Our final song is the namesake of the album, Resolution. We believe it is our most ambitious song to date. At around 7 minutes in length, it uses a piano and a small string section to drive the piece forward along with our guest vocalist, Hannah Jones, to create a huge and epic sounding album closer.

Spread the word about us and follow us on our social media and Spotify to keep up to date with gigs and new music!!

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Date Saturday 28 September 2019 at 18:30
Address The Guildhall Village, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, UK, PO1 2RY
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