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An incredible voice that’s paired with atmospheric and ambitious production

Caleb Kunle is a 25-year-old musician from Ireland. Kunle was born in Nigeria but has spent most of his life living in Laois, Ireland with his family. This confluence of cultures is evident in his music - as his soft Irish accent seamlessly melds with his vibey Afro–beats. The breadth and range of his tracks is none more evident than on sweeping melodies of his latest track, 'Another Life', and the pounding rhythm of fan-favourite, 'For The Fire'.

Kunle says he takes inspiration from Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino and Esperanza Spalding – the latter of which he's hoping to collaborate with one day; "musically she is a goddess. She's on another level."

Most of the writing for his EP, 'Eden' was conducted in a shed at the end of his parents' garden in Laois, Ireland. With just enough room for a table stacked with monitors, musical instruments and a mattress so he could crash in the DIY space during late-night sessions.

Kunle says his country retreat helps him lay down tracks away from distractions, "I work better when I'm a bit of a recluse in the country, but I get energy from cities and I get stories from what I see; bus conversations, people talking about relationships on the phone, strangers having coffee, anything," he laughs. "I'm always watching. But sometimes I have to go back to the reclusive place to write."

Now, he's moved to London to promote his debut EP, 'Eden' and focus on live performances. The title track, he says, is a powerful song influenced by people finding love in difficult situations, with 'Life Online' adding an electronic-flavour to the collection. Two further tracks, 'Seul' and 'Beautiful' are currently primed to make the cut.

Recently Kunle won Thatchers Haze X NME Emerging Artists Project, which got him a front page on NME and studio time with a top producer. He was also picked out as one of Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’, a list of the hottest up and coming artists on the platform.

Following a handful of London shows, Kunle is eyeing up a lengthy tour for Europe and beyond.

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