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Sounds likeJamie Cullum // Tom Misch // Ed Sheeran

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"London based singer songwriter Callum Gardner has very unique stamp in his style - jazz, blues, urban, and a great deal of soul comes together in his many and varied songs. A multi-instrumentalist of considerable talent, His catchy, cool songs, gritty vocals, balanced with thoughtful and perceptive lyrics have won many fans."

22 year old Singer Songwriter, Poet and multi-instrumentalist Callum Gardner has been gigging and recording around the capital for the last three years solo and with his band. After performing sell-out shows at Kensington Roof Gardens, Century Club and The Troubadour he has now released his eagerly anticipated debut single 'Commit to the List' with new music on it's way at the beginning of 2018. Taking influence from Soul, Jazz, Folk, Pop and Blues, Callum has his own sound - either stripped back to his growling vocals and grooving guitar lines or supported by a fabulous rhythm section and intricate arrangements. He continues to wow audiences with passionate performances and a book of songs crafted with heart and intent. Having played over 100 shows in London, Callum has set his sights on a tour of the south coast starting in May 2018 with performance dates to be announced later this year. He and his band have been cooking up a whole heap of new material ready to throw onto every streaming platform you can think of, and having gained great exposure with the debut single, 'Commit to the List' it's easy to see why people are excited. He's currently hosting, performing cover shows, gigging solo and with full band at the very best venues on our city's doorstep...

“Great fans here at success express, Callum is not just a talented and original songwriter with interesting jazzy chords and thoughtful lyrical content but he stands out above so many solo artists in being a truly accomplished musician.” - Lorraine Solomons, Success Express Music

2 7 t h O c t o b e r @ W o r l d 's E n d F i n s b u r y P a r k
2 n d N o v e m b e r @ B r o a d w a y L o n d o n
2 2 n d N o v e m b e r @ A p p l e s & P e a r s
2 3 r d N o v e m b e r @ H a t c h E n d P i z z a E x p r e s s
2 7 t h D e c e m b e r @ P i z z a E x p r e s s L i v e

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