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Castell, formed in 2017, had originally started life years ago as an idea between young teenage friends after a chance encounter at a house party. Sharing a love for the 1980's - the idea for a band began to form. Founding member Joe Pitcher and friend Pete Tomkins spent hours on end as teenagers practicing their guitar work together, learning High-Tech chops from bands like Racer X and Mr Big. Despite this, fate had other ideas.

Life moved on and the band did not solidify again until 2016, when Joe attended Colchester Institute of Modern Music. Work initially resumed under the name 'BlueCastle' in Colchester. With new members, influences and a new knowledge of Songwriting and Melody, the idea still remained without a lead guitarist. Yet another chance encounter, Joe got back into contact with his friend Pete and offered him the position alongside the rhythm section formed of Liam Gloster and Harry Barratt. Now fully armed with a cache of incredible musicians, the idea blossomed. With the help of the Beverley Hills Cop Movies and Pepsi Free, a freshly renamed Castell exploded onto the scene in 2017 as a 4 Piece Retro-Rock/Pop band with firm roots in Synthwave.

Castell released their first Single "This Feeling" in 2017, immediately garnering the attention of Major Synthwave artists. A quick tweak to the line-up after the departure of the original drummer Harry Barratt brought Greg Culhane to the hot seat as the group's new thunder behind the kit. Showcasing the band's impeccable talent for writing catchy yet technically demanding music, it also sets the bar for their forthcoming EP.

Dowsed with Sparkling Synths, Infectious Hooks, Feel Good Lyrics and Blistering Guitar Solos, Castell are a band that is not to be missed.

"Real Nice Guitar Oriented 80s" - Highway Superstar

Inspired By:
Duran Duran
Phil Collins
John Farnham
Michael Jackson
John Hughes Movies
Wayfarer Shades
1980's Pop Culture

Castell is:

Joe Pitcher - Vocals/Guitar/Synths

Pete Tomkins - Lead Guitar

Liam Gloster - Bass Guitar

Greg Culhane – Drums

Dripping with 1980's Aesthetic and Sound, Castell still manage to keep their sound relevant and fresh within this fertile time in music. Lionel Richie-esque grooves keep the hips moving, Sing-Along choruses keep the lips moving and the band's roots in 80's hair metal such as Winger and Whitesnake means that guitar work from Mr. Tomkins also leave jaws dragging on the floor with every face-melting note.

New Single Coming!
March/April '18

EP Coming:
April '18

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Date Tuesday 13 February 2018 at 21:00
Address The Horn, Victoria Street, St Albans, United Kingdom, AL1 3TE
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