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Charlie Harvey is a 14-year-old musician from United Kingdom. Charlie was born in UK. Charlie has got amazing potential and will go far.

Charlie says he takes inspiration from HRVY (Harvey Cantwell), Artist and TV Presenter.

Charlie's idea for covering songs was when he was out for a walk one evening and he decided to create a playlist for songs to cover. Months later he had already published his first Single 'Only You' a Vince Clarke cover, then his second Single 'Shotgun' a George Ezra cover.

Charlie does not yet have full ability to compose music but is more than capable of covering songs.

Now, he's working hard on his 2 new albums coming out by December 2018, one which is a Beatles cover album for his Grandpa's 67th birthday and the other... well you'll have to wait and find out.

Charlie has had his songs published on over 30 music services including worldwide famous iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon Music, Youtube, Deezer, Pandora Radio, iHeart Radio and lots more.

Charlie had had a rough school life trying to deal with ADHD which he was not diagnosed to until mid 2017. Before he was diagnosed he had been expelled from his Secondary School due to not being able to fully control himself. He then got moved to another school which he has gone on and aced being an amazing kid. He has joined a club called 'Digital Leaders' which enables him to be able to help his school community with any form of I.T. help. He has also joined a club called 'Technical Youth Theatre' which enables him to carry out a job as operating lighting, sound and also being backstage for School events such as the School Production, Interhouse Drama, Music Events and more. He has just been informed that he is the Head of Technical Youth Theatre's Personal Assistant due to the fact that he is extremely helpful always doing paperwork for the team, understanding how all the equipment works and operates and always helping other people making sure they understand how the equipment operates and making sure they know what they are doing. This has changed Charlie's character and now he is the person that everyone loves and not the one everyone can't stand to be around. He has got so much talent and experience and also got so much that he is going to be able to achieve in life.

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