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Big MIA vibes in the production and the vocals. Great stuff.

At a time when you thought pop music is dying, Ed Sheeran has eaten the charts and tropical house rules the airwaves, Cherryade are the pop car crash that you always dreamed of. Having met as childhood friends at a Catholic school plagued by a paedophile priest, Ella and Alex knew that they were destined for greater things. Fleeing to London, they met an array of strange men on the internet who transformed their catchy iPhone demos to massive pop masterpieces.

However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the pair! In fact, their first London studio session was delayed due to the producer apparently overdosing in a bath the night before. He didn’t die though, and proceeded to pester them with dick pics to try win them back again.

After dodging that bullet, they powered on through to work with the legendary Ant Whiting (M.I.A., John Newman), Lewis Gardiner (PRIDES, KLOE) and Dimitri Tikovoi (Charli XCX, MNEK) ), with their first releases racking up an abundance of support from the likes of PopJustice, CLASH, DIY Magazine, NYLON, Wonderland, BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and more.

Despite the success it’s still been a bumpy road for the pair, having recorded an Avicii cover version for a Coca Cola campaign and been rejected (“I had tonsillitis and the original song was shit”), and also by Charli XCX (“She was interested and then pissed off to LA and never rearranged our meeting”).

Against all odds, Cherryade are looking to break the popstar mould and be true artists in their own right. “It’s hard being frumpy and a popstar, nevermind being a quarter Chinese”, said Ella. Alex agrees: “It’s a struggle being white, middle class and ginger - I’m constantly living in the shadow of Ed Sheeran”.

With a heightened pop sensibility and hatred of the word ‘sassy’ (“Please don’t use that fucking word again”), the duo draw inspiration from socio-political issues, pop culture, astrophysics, Lil’ Kim and reruns of South Park.

“Pop’s newest troublemakers are here.” – NYLON
“Punk-edged synth pop swiftly causing a stir online.” – CLASH
“Like dropping a berocca in a can of coke… a pop explosion impossible to contain.” – DIY

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