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Au (Golden Girl) is the debut single from Brighton-based Electro-Pop artist Cheshyre The Cat, and will be released alongside an accompanying video on April 1st 2018.

Cheshyre The Cat combines uptempo EDM beats and synths with catchy keyboard and guitar riffs, all in a big audio blender with soulful bittersweet vocal melodies and harmonies; combining the rhythmic groove of dance music with catchy-not-corny pop elements and a sprinkling of good old rock'n'roll mentality for good measure.

Chesh has been writing music virtually his whole life, which despite only being 22 years, in cat years is like, a bazillion or something. Being an indoor cat, and lacking the necessary opposable thumbs required to open the door and find other band members, Cheshyre learned to play all the instruments he would need to record his songs solo.

Having performed in numerous different outfits over the last 10 years, Cheshyre has supported bands such as Toploader, Missing Andy and Hadouken! However, since leaving former band Modern Motive (formerly Runaway Saints), Chesh has focused on his own projects, including but not limited to trying to break the curse that morphed him into a bipedal man-cat.

After Au (Golden Girl), Cheshyre The Cat has several more songs set for release in 2018, all with hilarious videos to keep our ADHD minds from brainlessly surfing Facebook for a few minutes a pop.

Cheshyre The Cat has yet to make his live debut. Some say he's waiting to build a digital following, others say he's still not got to grips with the door (DAMN THUMBS!): all we know is, it's gonna be absolute insanity!

Cheshyre (Chesh, Catman or Cheshy Weshy to his friends... ONLY KIDDING! Cats don't have friends) is also a member of the C.Strange group, an up-and-coming digital art/entertainment/fashion label, who offer custom artwork & merchandise at affordable rates for musicians, artists and bands.

Hey! Hey you! Do you like music? Of course you do, you should check out these tunes!

I have SERIOUSLY got to stop staying up all night writing band bios, and you probably shouldn't have carried on reading this, but if you made it to the end and didn't skip for a tl;dr (this isn't Reddit, friend) then you are literally the best, and for a treat, you get to enjoy my music just like the impatient ones. Don't you feel special? Huh? HUH!?

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