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Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer Chris Reardon writes and performs a mixture of alternative, blues, folk, rock and experimental music. Reardon is an exciting, ever evolving artist, masterfully exploring the art of song craft and composition.

Born in Coventry, Great Britain, and spent his formative years in Hong Kong. In his late teens he moved to Reading where he began playing shows in the local music scene. Later he moved to seaside town Bournemouth where he began honing his songwriting and toured with indie band The Cramatics. After finding some success with features on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, Reardon embarked on a solo career and settled in legendary Camden Town, London.

In August 2017, Reardon released his critically acclaimed debut EP, From the Outside In on his record label Strange Comfort Records. The lead single Acid Rain, written shortly after his 5 year relationship came to end touched many fans and critics. Reardon explains, "Acid Rain is probably the most important song I've ever written. It came at a very significant time in my life, a time of loss and a time of a new beginning. I had just left Bournemouth (UK) after coming out of a long relationship and had started discovering the great folk singer songwriters, folks like Bob Dylan and Neil Young. I then came across the artist that changed my life and touched me so profoundly it changed everything. I stumbled across The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov...it inspired me to be introspective but organic and cathartic with songwriting, catching the important moments of inspiration and then knowing how far to mould them and trying to find that perfect balance. The balance between spontaneous truth of inspiration and ensuring its exactly what you want to say. The majority of the writing must happen very quickly and in the moment; melody, lyrics, guitar parts, chords, riffs and the vision of the song must also appear in some form early. If not, I usually scrap it. I very rarely revisit small ideas. It must be real, it must be in the moment."

Following the release of the EP, Reardon put out his next single Spiders. An intimate masterpiece, with hints of Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver and James Blake. The song written and produced by Reardon captivated fans and critics upon release. Accompanying Spiders was the stunning music video shot in Sweden sharing the story of a man trying to find peace in solitude trekking through the snowy mountains.

Reardon released blues rock anthem Fighting Man on 28th May 2018. He explains that writing the song lifted him out of a dark place and he wanted to write an anthem about overcoming obstacles and never giving up. The music video, put together by Chris, directed by Matthew Hoult and produced by RAWR shares the story of a struggling alcoholic trying to recover in order to see his daughter again. Upon release Fighting Man saw great praise from critics and fans a like with its debut play on BBC Radio Berkshire on 2nd June 2018.

Chris and his band will be touring in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and several big headline shows in the UK this October.

“Great new songwriter from London” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

“Exciting new talent!” - BBC Introducing, Linda Serck

“Folk-hewn and tender, his softly sculpted vignettes have a bittersweet feel” - CLASH

“His voice has that rare ability to calmly convey despair without descending into self pity” - GIGWISE

“Gorgeous…a dreamy delight” - Record of the Day

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