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In the beginning Club De Lay was just a few friends who wanted to play music they liked.
Britpop was clearly their biggest influencer, but because of limited technical capabilities and hedonistic lifestyle, the music played was more akin to straight up punk rock. After a few demos, a self-released album and a handful of shows Club De Lay was already in a brink of quitting, as our singer/guitarist decided to move to England. After a few personnel changes, Club De Lay turned into a five-piece consisting of Mikko Ahvonen (vocals/guitar), Antti Haiko (synth/programming/vocals), Teemu Leikas (guitar), Aleksi Siimestö (drums/vocals) and Jami Varonen (bass/vocals).

During the years, we have moved away from britpop step by step and towards something that sounds like the total sum of us five. We all have quite different tastes in music, which has had a positive impact in the resulting soundscape. Our sound could be described as a blend of pop, shoegaze and electronic music. In various reviews bands like The Cure, A Lock of Seagulls and even Depeche Mode have been mentioned, but we would like to be our own thing, instead of copying and covering existing bands, however good they are.

In 2017 we released “Loviisankatu EP, which was the first one with the current line-up. It garnered some international recognition, and “Halo” was even Astralwerk Records staff pick for best songs of 2017. “Loviisankatu EP” was followed by a string of single releases. By the end of the year 2018 we had put our minds on a new EP/mini album “Peach Blossom Spring”. It was recorded during 2019, with our very own Antti handling the recording and mixing duties. “Eyes Wide Open” was released early August as a teaser for “Peach Blossom Spring” and our new, more nuanced sound. The whole mini album will follow in September. We couldn’t be more excited about the new direction in our music, especially after how naturally it all came together.

After playing sold out shows in local venues, we are looking to expand our territory, with shows around Finland and hopefully some gigs abroad as well.

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