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Indonesia Based pop band Coldiac was formed in Malang in 2014 by Sambadha Wahyadyatmika, Mahatamtama Arya Adinegara, Bhima Bagaskara, Derry Rith Haudin, Judha Widhita and (former member) Fadra Heryndra.

The band was named Piratez before they decided to put a new name, music, and a lil bit formation.

Fadra was the first guy who asked them to make a project as Piratez in 2008, and the band decided to start brand new name & music in 2014. but sadly, Fadra were leaving Indonesia for His study in Europe in 2014. Sambadha & Mahatamtama take the part as vocalist with their new style of singing, Mahatamtama with his seductive voices, and Sambadha with cheers and groovy style of singing.

Coldiac is bringing more felicious concept than the recent format wether in musicalilty, lyrics, and visual aesthetic, crafting pop music with dreamy, groovy, and electronic vibes. People also called them as a Sophisticated-Pop Band that bringing their own style of their music. But, they let you to judge them, what's the genre of their music? You named it.

The first album of Coldiac "Heartbreaker" released by their own label that they built by theirself "GZZ Records" in 2016, and they started get a new spotlight and attention in their city, following single in 2017 "Wreck This Journal" and "Spend The Night" also hit Indonesian top radio playlist and also got featured in Spotify playlist so many times. Talk about the music video of "Wreck This Journal", it was viral because they have portrait video on their music video concept, it's so millenial, like it's full of aesthetic in their music video. Their got a lot of new listeners because of many people got enchanted with "Wreck This Journal Music Video".

What's next from coldiac after the first album and following single? they got some plan, that they will held tour in several cities in 2018. and they also preparing the new music video, documentary video and new album. they believe that they can hit the world in less 5 years. let's find out.

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Date Tuesday 31 October 2017 at 13:00
Address Graha Cakrawala UM, Sumbersari, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, 65145
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