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COLUMBIA are a rock ’n’ roll, guts ’n’ glory powerhouse five-piece from Liverpool, who have been hailed as The Best New Band in The North™. Word is spreading and shows are selling out fast!

COLUMBIA wear their influences with pride. Their raucous sound and killer tunes build on the shoulders of giants like Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Stone Roses. But they are cooly carving out an identity of their own, too - showcasing solid anthems of hope and bangers with cast iron hooks… Things are gonna change… Tired of the all the hairy-fairy-quite-contrary-isms of recent years, COLUMBIA are letting the good times rock ’n’ roll again and they’re “Lovin’ every fuckin’ minute of it!”...

So, join the party… COLUMBIA are in the studio and on the road throughout the coming year, on a one-way trip to obliterate 2018. A six-track EP is out soon, plus their third, soon to be sold-out show at The Zanzibar in Liverpool, a double headliner with Paul Nilson JNR. They hit the stage on Feb 4th, doors at 5pm:

Sheppo, Columbia’s head honcho-frontman, is defiant and confident about the band’s chances and has the future of rock ’n’ roll firmly in his sights:
“We want it all, that’s all we want, we want it all… And we’ll get it!”

Meet the band…
COLUMBIA one minute promo:

Sheppo: Vocals
Sween: Guitar
Tommy: Guitar
Jonny: Bass
Jay: Drums

“We are Columbia”… A word or two with the band then shall we:

Which song changed your life forever?

SHEPPO: “That’s easy, our own tune, Fly Now… From that moment onwards, I knew we were going right to the fuckin’ top, Sween’s first go on guitar, he knew three and a half chords and wrote Fly Now… I was blown away!… In fairness, we were both assisted by three and a half other substances”
SWEEN: "Live Forever, Oasis… No question, it changed the way I looked at music completely, written about nothing but means everything, first time I heard it, I was obsessed from that day, with music”
JAY: “F.E.A.R. Ian Brown, absolute genius stuff, gets you thinking”

What's the first song you remember hearing?

SWEEN: “Here Comes The sun, The Beatles, an absolute beauty… It’s only when you listen back a little older and a little wiser, that you realise the brilliance and importance of The Beatles, four Scouse lads”
JAY: “No More I Love You’s, Annie Lennox… I remember me ma, hoovering the front room to it”
SHEPPO: “Ha ha ha ha!!!!”
TOMMY: “I remember our kid had Bob Marley’s Legend on rotation and can remember him playing Three Little Birds, proper tune that… Like us… Singin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true!”

You're in a karaoke bar, what’s your goto song?

SHEPPO: “Gotta be Don’t Look Back In Anger, Oasis… Singin’ it pissed in a bar in Turkey last summer, mate, I had the whole family on their feet!”
JONNY: “Fuck all for me, coz I can’t sing!”
SHEPPO: “Yeah Jonny, no argument there mate!”

What was the first gig you went to?

JONNY: "Liam Gallagher at Glasgow Barrowland, mad mad night, made me realise rock ’n’ roll goes off a lot bigger than any techno rave!”
SHEPPO: “Me too, I remember thinking, if we could ever make a room go off like this, we’ll kill it!”
JAY: “Snoop Dogg, O2 Academy, what can only be described as a stoner stupor!”

Which song do you wish you'd written?

SWEEN: "Easy one, Stairway To Heaven, Led Zep”
SHEPPO: “Rock ’n’ Roll Star, Oasis… We’re young lads but only go for the true classic bangers.
I heard Rock ’n’ Roll Star that day and thought “YESSSSZZZZZ!!!!… I want somma that!!!”

Which song would you like played at your funeral?

SHEPPO: “Stayin’ Alive, get everyone doin’ stripes off me coffin!”
SWEEN: “Dead In The Water, Noel Gallagher”
JAY: “Some heavy dubstep for comic value!”

What was the first Album you bought?

TOMMY:”The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem. Everyone was all about Eminem when we were in school… Boss album to be fair”
SHEPPO: “50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, we used to bounce around the parks, thinkin’ we were on one”

What song is stuck in your head right now?

JAY: ”The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol, Dylan”
TOMMY: “Natural Mystic, Bob Marley, had it on this mornin’ and it stuck in my head all day, can’t beat a bit of Bob Marley!”
SHEPPO: “Some little helmet on FIFA 18.


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