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Sounds likeWhite Stripes; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; Black Keys; Oasis; Arctic Monkeys

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Rock and roll band from London fusing American, bluesy rock and roll with British, give-a-fuck attitude. Started in East London in early 2018, we only played our first gig in June after spending many nights in the studio nailing a set of loud, heavy, bluesy rock and roll tunes. Heavily inspired by the cool, stripped back, blues rock of White Stripes, Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but throwing in the British, aggression and attitude of early Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. Finding beauty in the simplicity of Noel Gallagher's song writing, whilst capturing the power and energy of Jack White's riff work.

We write inspired by our lives in our home towns, about people we know, and about real life - in the Alex Turner style of poetically of telling the truth about your every day life. We also like big chords, lots of distortion, and the amps turned up loud and the drums hit hard, creating a huge sound for a three piece. We have a plethora of new material that we are constantly working on, always trying to bring something new to our shows for fans to hear. We are trying to bring rock and roll back to being a way of playing and behaving rather than an overthought exercise towards writing with mathematical intricacy.

We've started moving up the pecking orders of some of London's most iconic small music venues (including The Dublin Castle and The Hope and Anchor), now headlining our first shows after just a few months of gigging in what is shaping up to be a huge November and December, always moving on to bigger and better venues. We're already bringing in big crowds singing along to our tunes, and are being invited back to every venue we play. With our debut single out soon, we are looking onwards and upwards, looking forward to bringing our crowds to some big shows next summer, hopefully getting on to some festival bills.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more info on what gigs are coming up and on the release of our debut single.

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