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Sounds likeWolf Alice, Sonic Youth, The Joy Formidable

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Weaving their songs out of their adolescent experiences, alternative rock/shoegaze quartet Coming Up Roses balances the worlds of child-like innocence and idealism with the revelations that come with adulthood. Combining elements of pop, grunge, heavy-metal and shoegaze, the band manifests their emotions through the use of evocative vocal melodies and expansive sonic textures.

Led by vocalist-bassist Emily Sera, and completed by guitarists Darius Oon, Lorenzo Romero and drummer Bruce Tan, Coming Up Roses recalls the likes of Wolf Alice, Sonic Youth and the Joy Formidable.

With humble beginnings as an indie-folk acoustic duo in 2016, Coming Up Roses first formed when guitarist Darius Oon and vocalist Emily Sera connected over a shared love of bittersweet melodies and introspective songwriting. As they developed their songcraft, it became apparent to the emerging duo that in order to fully realise their musical ideas and vision, they would have to expand to break out of the limitations of their acoustic origins. With the addition of guitarist Lorenzo Mailum, drummer Bruce Dylan Tan, and together with Emily picking up the bass guitar, Coming Up Roses began their sonic explorations.

Combining wall of sound guitars, thunderous drumbeats and the same melancholic melodies that they began with, the newly minted four-piece began playing around the local gig circuit, building a fanbase around their refreshing yet nostalgic sound and their dynamic live shows.

With the release of two demos, 'Sky' and 'Waters' in early 2018, Coming Up Roses' reputation grew, subsequently earning the band a spot on the illustrious Baybeats Festival line-up that year. With their appearance at the festival, the band's profile was raised considerably in their hometown and they sought to capitalise on this.

Hence, the band entered the studio with esteemed local producer Leonard Soosay to begin working on their debut mini-album. The mini-album, entitled 'Waters', was released in May 2019 featuring the singles 'Lies' and 'Fall'. The 5-track release reflected on the personal emotions that the band faced as adolescents growing up in their world, and the trails and tribulations that come with facing adulthood.

Currently, the band plans to continue to build on their live shows in Singapore and the region while promoting their mini-album to establish their artist profile as one of the region’s most exciting acts.

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