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Stunning voice, keep working on matching that with equally great instrumentals

Brighton, England recording artist Cordel has been involved heavily in music from a young age, as a child, he was taken to school by his Father . It was during these trips that Cordel's Dad introduced him to the music of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Don Henley, T-Rex , Free and countless others. This inspired Cordel and now that his craft has been fully honed into the sound you hear now with elements of the artist previously mentioned , he's ready to show the world what he has been working on,

Cordel is bringing a fresh take to the modern music industry with his infectious vocals with a 5 octave vocal range that have a nostalgic sense of wonder to them.

His influences stretch across the board from Elvis Presley to Robert Plant to The Eagles and The Who. He has been busy writing his debut EP and is looking forward to sharing it very soon.

He has been writing from a young age and his lyrics take influence from Americana to darker themes. His lyrics are very introspective, taking from personal matters to thing his friends/family have been going through, starting with just guitar or piano and building from there, some tracks will be stripped back with some adding some classic rock elements.

He wants his music to mean different things to everyone who listens, so they cant take a piece and keep for themselves.

Described as a rock singer/songwriter Cordel's voice has been described as rollercoaster ride with limitless range.

Cordel has been locked away in London honing his craft and developing the atmospheric elements of his tracks. Already having vast live experience already performing at the Royal Albert Hall

His cover of "Creep" gained attention on youtube, showing off his vocal chops and control. Gaining over 20k views. Check out his youtube to see more.

Cordel is very excited to show off his new songs and would like to thank NME for allowing him to show it here

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I look forward to sharing more with you.


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