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The Coronation Kings “Cathel & Me”.

The Coronation Kings are a five piece band from the East of the UK, writing and performing original music with a cross-genre style that mixes the old with the new. Their songs are powerful and memorable and easy to fall into. They are delivered with verve and passion from rousing guitar riffs and dynamic keyboards underpinned with solid bass lines and powerful drumbeats. Songs laced with melodic hooks and old-school middle eights and meaningful lyrics. Each one has a different story to tell.
The CK's are Paul hale (Drums), John Hickleton (Bass), Frank Morrow (Keyboards, vocals), Mark Holmes (Lead and Rhythm Guitars, vocals), Richard Barrett (Rhythm guitar, vocals).
Formed in 2018, the CK's are influenced by a vast range of different artists citing David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley and Turin Brakes as a few.
Every song has a meaning and the CK's are keen to share these stories and the journeys that each song takes the listener on. Their first album is an adventure for the band and the listener alike, sit back, belt up, relax and enjoy..............

The independently produced and recorded “Cathel & Me” (their debut album) tackles subjects as diverse as drowning and death. In a “Dorian Gray” style the title track is inspired by the true story of a missing painting that depicts the soul of the lost fisherman and a fear of drowning. “Fly” is a powerhouse of a song that somehow blends Led Zeppelin and Neil Diamond together in a twisted tale of family rifts. Madeline almost invokes a cross between 70’s English rock and guitar- based Amerciana.
There are songs of love and Longing like the springsteenesque “The Road” and “KillingMe” and the Spiritual awakening of “Waterfall” brings to mind an early Snow Patrol feel. The album is a real mix of feels that shapes this band into something different. “Audio” is good old power rock in an Alt style and “Concrete Paradise Sands” addresses homelessness in the cities of the UK in a truly original and acoustic based style, laced with the richness of Cellos and a male voice choir it harks back to the days when songs where crafted when written?
This band loves to play live and indeed this is probably the best way to experience what they have to offer…..something fresh and exciting.

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