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My name is CRS and I’m a 21 year old songwriter/rapper/singer/sound engineer from London. My style stems from a vast amount of musical influences such as Lauryn Hill, J Cole, Nas, Stevie Wonder and many more. Because of my diverse musical palette, I don’t feel like I can be put in any one category. My beat selection is a reflection of what I like at that current time and can range from Boom Bap to Lofi then to more of a Trap or Neo Soul sound, it really just depends. As music is an art-form and form of expression it can take whatever shape and sound that I choose, so I allow myself to flow freely and it’s evident in the music I make.

I wanted to start music because of the artists that I admire and ended up starting through curiosity. The question I asked myself was ‘I love listening to music so much, so why don’t I make my own and see where it takes me’?

When I have the funds to, I want to build and open music schools worldwide, but my main focus will be in the UK, West Africa and South East Asia. The aim is the bring back creativity to our school systems.

In the UK the current system rewards academics and almost demotes creativity. It’s embedded in our cultures too in large parts of Africa and Asia. Creativity is seen as a hobby, and a phase when in actuality you can easily make money from your passion of music. There’s a negative stigma that is attached to the arts which I want to remove. I want to bring this back to our youth and give them an education that will go towards the betterment of their future instead of going to waste in a job they don’t even like. Opening these schools and prioritising children from impoverished backgrounds will not only help children stay off the streets and out of trouble but also nurture them into realising that there are other ways out of their current circumstance; real ways to create wealth that can be passed on for generations and knowledge that will ensure that their families and themselves will never go hungry.

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