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Sounds likeSufjan Stevens, Father John Misty, Lorde
LocationNew Delhi

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I am a 17-year-old independent Acoustic-Folk artist from New Delhi. Raised on Pink Floyd and Dire Straits, I grew up with an appreciation for conventional acoustic instruments but remained curious enough to explore non-conventional sounds. Since then I have adopted a folk sound with vulnerable and honest lyricism, exploring what I understand best: childhood, growing up, and the romance and conflict of early-life. My music is for my people.

Much of my music is produced out of my home studio and the Trifecta Studios in New Delhi, giving it the organic sound of home production combined with the richness and quality of a professional studio.

I started covering songs on SoundCloud back 2016, and then later wrote my first wong, Heartbreak. A few months later I released a mixtape on Bandcamp titled 'To Flap Their Hands', which got noticed my Trifecta Records in New Delhi, who helped me produce my first studio single, 'Coming of Age', which is now streaming worldwide.

In early 2019 I released 'Silent Magpie', a song about my a concept I have struggled with in recent years, the conflict of materialism, earning and theft, through the metaphor of a Silent Magpie, a bird known for its theft, and eerie silence when confronted with the realities of its misdoings, much like modern human society.

Silent Magpie was made entirely in my bedroom with a cheap condenser mic and Ableton Live 10. Everything from writing to performance to production was done on my laptop. Silent Magpie was recently added to the Indie India curated playlist on Spotify. It was the only one of the 50 songs on the playlist not made in a professional studio.

Both Coming of Age and Silent Magpie were featured singles on Saavn in the weeks of their respective releases, and Silent Magpie debuted in the Top 50 new Indian songs of the week.

Credits to Collaborators:

1. Coming of Age
Raja Malhotra of Trifecta Records engineered and produced the track. He also played the bass and some of the guitar parts.

2. Silent Magpie
Karan Raj Dhir mixed and mastered this track.

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